Personal Meandering: Maclin vs. Shorts

I’ve been dealing with a conundrum in one of my keeper leagues that is actually a really interesting fantasy question.

Jeremy Maclin or Cecil Shorts?

On paper, both are really similar players. Both are 6’0” and about 200 lbs. Both are 25 years-old. Both posted similar numbers in 2012.

  • Maclin: 69 receptions, 857 yards, 7 TDs, 122 targets
  • Shorts: 55 receptions, 979 yards, 7 TDs, 106 targets

Both have similar question marks in 2013 as well. Who will their quarterback be? How will they operate in a new offense under a new coaching staff?

I am still very much debating these questions, but right now I am leaning towards Shorts. With Justin Blackmon suspended the first four games of the season, Shorts should see the bulk of the targets. I also like Shorts’ ability to stretch the field (17.8 ypc) more than Maclin’s (12.4 ypc).

The only hangup I really have is the quarterback position. The Eagles obviously have more talent at the position than the Jaguars. But if Shorts can post numbers with the same bunch of jokers he had last year throwing him the ball, I find myself oddly calm about his chances to repeat in 2013.